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EVO Supercharger Bolt kit

Table of Contents.

  • Before you start
  • Safety
  • Product description
  • Prerequisites
  • Required tools and spare parts
  • Removal of part
  • Installation of part
  • Notes

Before You Start

Please Note.

It is recommended that installation of any Belsales or EVOtm Parts is carried out by a trained and qualified airsmith. Incorrect installation of any component onto or into a paintball marker or any accessory may result in serious injury or death. Belsales LTD, its staff or any of its subsidiaries cannot be held responsible for any result arising from improper installation. If you are at all unsure about the correct installation procedure for any Belsales or EVOtm product we strongly advise that you seek professional assistance or contact any of the technical staff at Belsales LTD using any of the details provided on the contact page. Before starting any work on your marker, please read and carry out the instruction in the section marker "safety"


Before staring out with any work on your marker, please carry out the safety checks:

  • Make sure you, and everyone around you are wearing safety goggles
  • Remove any paintballs from your marker
  • Point the marker in a SAFE direction and visually, then mechanically check that there are no paintballs in the marker
  • Detach the power supply (air or C02 source) and shoot the marker a number of times in the safe direction
  • Continue to de-gas the marker until there is no pressure left anywhere in the marker.
  • Detach the barrel of the marker.
  • Keeping your goggles on, commence work on your marker

Product Description

The EVO Supercharger Bolt kit is a kit containing a specially designed Autococker bolt and a pin. The bolt contains a plunger to retain the pin. The Supercharger Bolt is specially designed to be gentler on paintballs when discharging the air charge that fires the ball. It does this by providing a superior "Venturi" arrangement of small holes to cushion the impact of the air blast on the paintball


The fitting of this part requires almost no prior knowledge of mechanics or specialist knowledge.

Required tools and spare parts

To fit this part you will require some or all of the following tools:
  • None

Removal of Part

  • To remove the existing bolt, pull out the pin from the rear block.
  • Pull old bolt from rear of paintball marker


Installation of Part

  • Make sure the main bore of the paintball marker is clean and lubricated LIGHTLY with a light oil.
  • Slide the Supercharger Bolt from the rear of the paintball marker into the main body.
  • Align the cross hole in the bolt with the cross hole in the back block and make sure that the transfer port on the bolt is facing downwards.
  • Insert the pull pin trough the back block and Supercharger Bolt.
  • If, after installation, the marker fires with a very low, or zero velocity, check that you have inserted the bolt the correct way up.